Update: Purchase of Place des Arts de Hearst

Conseil des arts de Hearst

Hearst – The Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est de l’Ontario (CSPNE) is providing an update on their proposed purchase of the Conseil des Arts de Hearst’s building. The process is ongoing, and steps are being taken on a regular basis.

Since the vote in favour of the transaction on December 12, 2018, by the members of the cultural organization, The Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est de l’Ontario set about to review and carry out the conditions included in the purchase agreement as presented to the Conseil des Arts de Hearst. 

It should be noted that the purchase of Place des Arts de Hearst by the CSPNE aims to secure the school’s location. École publique Passeport Jeunesse has been leasing the location since it opened in 2011. Among the conditions in the Offer to Purchase, the CSPNE agrees to maintain its academic, cultural and community partnership, through an agreement with the Conseil des Arts de Hearst.