Frequently Asked Question

French Public Education…A question of choice!

Do I have to send my child to the school nearest to my home?

No…you have a choice. Regardless of where you live, French public schooling is available to your child.

Is transportation provided free of charge?

Of course! According to the Board's policy, transportation is provided free of charge whether you live in town or in the outlying areas.

How much does it cost to send my child to a French public school?

You do not have to pay for your child to attend a French public school. In Ontario, French public schools are funded through school taxes and a provincial funding formula.

Do you teach values in French public schools?

Yes! The public school system is based on respect and equality. In our schools, your child learns to live in harmony with others and to become a valuable citizen in her or his community. Here are some of the programs that help students cope using a positive approach to conflict:

  • Integration of social skills
  • World religions ( in secondary school)
  • Parenting skills (role and responsibilities)
  • Personal growth plans

By promoting the learning of different cultures and religions, the school becomes an open door onto a world where students can develop and enhance skills in understanding, tolerance and compassion to appreciate individual differences.

And…what about discipline?

All of our schools have a code of conduct which clearly outlines the rights and responsibilities of all those involved in creating a safe learning environment. Furthermore, our Board endorses the Ministry of Education's Safe School Policy which condemns verbal and physical violence. Codes of conduct exist to ensure the security of all and to reflect the values that our school system promotes. The code of conduct ensures that your child's rights will be respected and will allow her or him to take ownership for her or his own words and actions. As a result, students are encouraged to find solutions to problems using various tools such as conflict resolution, mediation and problem solving.

How does the French public system help my child succeed?

  • By following the Ministry of Education Curriculum
  • By offering specialized reading programs
  • By having small class sizes to provide more assistance on a one on one basis
  • By integrating technology into the classroom
  • By integrating extra-curricular activities into student life
  • By offering youth learning programs
  • By offering cooperative education programs which integrate the learning environment with the work environment

To learn more about French public education, visit one of our schools.